What to Buy, What to Rent, What to Make

Congrats!  You have officially started wedding day planning and it’s time to decide what you want.  The more you search Pinterest, scroll Instagram, and attend weddings, the more your vision for your big day will come together.

In this blog post, we will talk about what to buy, what to rent, and what to make yourself to help bring your big day to fruition.

What to Buy

A rule of thumb is to buy things for your wedding day that you would want to keep or pass down to your family:

  1. Your wedding dress, veil, and accessories.
  2. Bridesmaids dresses (they can wear this to other occasions) and accessories.
  3. Groomsmen accessories (gift them their bow tie, cuff links, socks, and/or sun glasses).
  4. Votive candles (you can reuse them!)
  5. Flower Girl Basket & Ring Bearer Pillow (Grand Tradition lends this to you for free!)

What to Rent

Rent everything for your wedding day that you like but don’t have foreseeable use for:

  1. Décor items such as centerpiece stands, hurricane vases, and charger plate:

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  2. Groomsmen Tuxedos.
  3. Table linens, napkins, chair sashes (Talk to your Grand Tradition Wedding Coordinator about in-house options to help bring all your colors to life!)
  4. Staging and lighting.
  5. Rent your statement pieces for your sweet heart table, after all we will be admiring you all night!

What to Make (If you’re feeling handy and time is on your side!)

Make anything for your wedding day that can be done for a reasonable amount of money and time, you can either sell it or re-purpose it:

  1. Boutonnieres For groomsmen (this is a fun girls night activity).
  2. Back drop for photo booth or your sweet heart table a little PVC and some fabric (silk florals if you’re feeling fancy) and Viola!
  3. Card box you can decorate this to match your colors and theme!
  4. Table numbers. (Printed card stock and picture frames are a great way to tie your theme into your table numbers and seating chart, when done you can use the frame around your house!)
  5. Your seating method.  There are a lot of ways to do this: printed tent cards (can also double as your favor), chalk board, glass or acrylic… the possibilities are endless!  Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest!

Whether you decide to buy, rent, or make everything for your wedding day: make it your own!   This should be a fun part of wedding planning.  For more advice or help, chat with your Wedding Coordinator for ideas.  The little touches and personal details will make everything that much more memorable.  This is your day and this is your vision.  Once all the elements come together, dance the night away and enjoy all your hard work!

Good Luck and Congrats!

Charnel Kennedy

Wedding Coordinator