Venue Measurements

Grand Tradition has detailed some specific measurements about your venue and venue accessories.  This will assist you and/or your designer in planning for your decor. Your personal Grand Tradition coordinator will create a room layout for you and your vendors so you know exactly how to plan for your wedding ceremony and reception.


Beverly Mansion

  • Beverly Mansion’s Crystal Ballroom is 2800ft²
  • Max seating capacity of 300 people
  • East Lake Buffet Room: 25×22ft | 550ft²
  • Bar Room: 24×22ft | 528ft²
  • Dance Floor: 28.5×19.9ft | 567ft²
  • Foyer: 11.7×21ft | 243ft²
  • Heated and Air Conditioned
  • Outdoor Heaters on The Veranda
  • The Veranda is 975ft²
  • Ceiling Heights: 12ft floor to ceiling | 10ft to soffit | 9.7ft to chandeliers
  • Banister Length: Left 30ft | Right 7.11ft
  • Entrance Doors: 73×81 inches
  • Glass Panel Center Doors: 5.9×7.7ft
  • Glass Panel Bi-fold Doors: 17.5×7.7ft each side
  • Gazebo Ceremony Aisle: 50×5ft
  • Gazebo Entrance Opening: 53 inches wide at the top | 50 inches wide at the bottom | 91 inches tall
  • Compass Garden Ceremony Aisle: 40×6ft

Arbor Terrace

  • Arbor Terrace Pavilion is 2742ft²
  • Max seating capacity of 230 people
  • Bromeliad Buffet room: 24.4ft×16.6ft | 394ft²
  • Dance Floor: 27ft×18ft | 486 ft²
  • Dance Floor to Stage Steps: 22.3ft×12 inches x 5.4 ft (three steps)
  • Stage: 22.7ft×15.9ft | 356ft²
  • Ceiling Heights: 10ft floor to sidewall height | 16ft floor to center peak
  • Arbor Terrace is an open-air pavilion (three walled sides)
  • Outdoor Heaters
  • Arbor Terrace Ceremony Aisle: 31ft×5ft

Tables, Chairs, and Accessories

  • Banquet Tables: 72in × 30in × 30in | 6ft
  • Round Tables: 60inches
  • Belly Bar Tables: 30inches (in diameter) | 30inches or 41inches height
  • Mirrored Cake Table: 48inches
  • Sweetheart Table: Half round 60inches × 30inches
  • Silver Round Cake Riser: 19inches (in diameter)× 6inches (tall)
  • Silver Square Cake Riser: 22inches × 22inches × 6inches
  • Black Standing Easels: 23.5inches× 69inches (height)
  • DVD Projector Screen: 9ft×7ft
  • Speaker’s podium: 4.8ft×2.25ft