Are you getting ready to tour wedding venues? Discovering the perfect setting for your wedding is of importance! After all, this is where you will begin your happily ever after. With gorgeous scenery, stunning architecture, and a dash of elegance, each venue presents it own, unique sense of style. Therefore, you will want to ensure that you choose the best space to complement the vision that you have for your own wedding.

Are you aware of how to best go about choosing the wedding venue for your big day?

We understand the importance of booking a wedding venue that complements the needs for your wedding! That’s why, here at Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens, we have gathered some questions that you will want to ask when touring your own potential wedding venues. If you would like to discover what these questions are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Is My Chosen Date Available? You most likely have a date in mind for which you would like to tie the knot. If you are not flexible with your date, you will want to ask your potential venue if it’s available before you take your tour. However, if you are open to a variety of dates, move on with touring.
  • How Many Guests Does Your Space Host? While you won’t know exactly how many guests you will have attending your wedding until your RSVP cards are returned, you will still want to have a headcount in mind, to ensure that you choose a venue that can comfortably host them all. So, once you have your overall number, make sure that your potential venue has enough space for everyone to enjoy your big day.
  • What Details Are Included in the Overall Price? Each venue presents its own set of fees and amenities when it comes to hosting a wedding. You will want to discover what the overall cost will be, along with all of the details that are included in the price. From the allotted number of hours to knowing if tables and chairs will be presented; you will want to make yourself aware of each element that will assist you with creating your big day.

By choosing the perfect wedding venue, you can truly enjoy your celebration! These are just a few tips to assist you with doing so as you begin touring yours.

If you are all set to book your San Diego wedding venue, please get in touch with us here at Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens. As a wedding venue in Southern California, we would be honored with the opportunity to host your big day.


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