5 Wedding Theme Ideas to Fit Your Love Story

There’s more to wedding planning than agreeing on your guest list and designing Save-the-Date invites. How about the idea of picking a theme for your wedding day to represent you as individuals and or your beautiful love story!? A themed wedding can portray your passion for maybe Disney, or showcase your inner whimsical Boho wedding style, or maybe recreate that dreamy Black-Tie Event you have always wanted to go to. No matter what is, think of your wedding as a blank canvas and get creative! Trust us, here at Grand Tradition we have seen it all.

To name a few fun and trendy wedding entertainment ideas and themes, read below and start thinking about your perfect wedding theme at a San Diego wedding venue!

1. Disney Theme

For all you Disney fans – now is your chance to reinvent the next Disney love story! When it comes to Disney theme weddings, you have endless themes to choose from. Show your passion through your favorite Disney characters, or movie, go with the classics or the new. Disney themed weddings are one of the most fun and creative themes in the wedding industry.

Couples that went with a Disney theme had Mickey Mouse ears as wedding party favors. Such a classic.

How about you reuse those old Disneyland passes for escort cards.
Bring in some fairytale-like elements for your card box, or guest book. After all, every bride deserves a fairytale wedding day. The options are endless when it comes to Disney!

2. Black-Tie Theme

Now let’s mix up the wedding style and talk Black-Tie.

There is something to say about splurging and giving yourself the elegant wedding of your dreams. Call it a Black-Tie event and make your guests feel like a VIP for the night.

Disperse some glitzy décor but keep the color palette minimal. Stick with the pops of gold, silver, and champagne tones. Add charger plates to each table setting- you know, those fancy plates under the real plates; yes it’s a thing. Make it a “champagne upon arrival” type of event followed by a served dinner with tasteful courses. It will be a real grandeur façade for your wedding. but don’t forget! Make sure you indicate “Black-Tie Event” on your invites so your guests know to dress appropriately!

3. Bohemian Theme

Bohemian style weddings are so fun! This is when your inner creativity can be represented through colors, patterns, and textures. Make your guests forget about the real world and take them through an unforgettable evening.

When it comes to a whimsical, boho style wedding we see a lot of natural greenery and earth tones, with a blend of vibrant colors and patterns. There is so much you can do to create a bohemian style wedding. It can be as easy as a mix-matching décor and color palette. Even bring stuff in from your own home. Boho styles are full of different décor and nothing needs to be matching or uniformed. Get fun, get creative. Add texture to your event with various patterns from pillows, blankets, candles, anything really.

4. Country Rustic Theme

Take inspiration from the wild, wild west and incorporate it into your wedding! Country themed weddings are charming and fun; they’re a great way to celebrate your hometown. If you’re looking to have a rustic style, outdoor wedding, this is the theme for you!

Every country-themed wedding is bound to have some country music and cowboy boots to dance the night away in. The options are endless when it comes to a rustic wedding theme like this, but be sure to include homemade flavors on the menu so the guests can get a taste of true comfort food. Some dessert ideas include pie instead of a traditional wedding cake, fresh baked cookies, honey, syrup, and jam. As for the decor- wooden backdrops, greenery, and hay bales are a great addition to complete the theme in its entirety.

Whether your summer wedding venue is a barn or vineyard, you’ll be sure to have the greatest night of your life. However, it won’t be complete without a vintage car to take the bride and groom away!

5. Nautical Theme

Celebrate your wedding in the deep blue sea! Well, not literally. But having a nautical theme at your wedding is an easy task to pull off and it looks absolutely stunning.

It wouldn’t be an “under-the-sea” theme without a menu full of seafood! Blow your guests away with a seafood bar or fresh shrimp cocktails. Include notes of blue and silver in your wedding decor, and be sure to incorporate ocean-themed decorations like seashell bouquets, starfish centerpieces, and blue-green ribbons. You can even take this style to the next level and have your wedding venue be at an aquarium, or do a beach theme! Our Arbor Terrace venue can give you that perfect beachy setting – without the beachy wind!

Choosing a Theme That Represents You

To simply put it, some of the most memorable and fun weddings can be all in theme. Create your representation of who you are as a couple by designing your own unique wedding theme. We hope to see it at our Estate! Check with your Grand Tradition Wedding Coordinators for theme ideas!