Planning a wedding is big ordeal! There will be many tasks that you will need to complete in order to bring your big day to life. Therefore, you could become quite overwhelmed (don’t worry, as this is completely normal!).

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However, if you are aware of some mistakes that you should avoid making when planning your celebration, you can be more at ease.

Are you aware of the top wedding planning mistakes that you should stray away from? If not, you are in luck! As here at Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens, we have gathered them for you. If you would like to gain some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • Not Sticking to Your Budget. You will have an allotted amount of money to spend on your wedding. Therefore, you will create a wedding budget! It is of importance that you stick to your budget, to ensure that you receive each detail that you desire for your big day. For your budget, keep in mind the overall amount that you have to spend on your wedding. From there, create smaller budgets, such as for your catering and wedding dress. This will assist you with maintaining yours.
  • Making Assumptions. All too often, couples make assumptions when it comes to who they think will or will not be attending their wedding. It’s important that you don’t do the same! If you assume that certain guests won’t be returning their RSVP cards to attend your big day, you could lack the necessary details needed to complement them on your wedding day, such as by not having enough food to serve or enough space within your venue. When planning your wedding elements, always go with your highest number of guests, as it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Changing Your Weight. Discovering the perfect wedding dress is of importance! After all, you will want to make a grand debut down the aisle on your big day. However, once you purchase your gown, it will be created in a certain size. And, while you will have alterations completed, there will still be some time to go before it adorns you on your wedding day. So, you will want to ensure that you don’t lose or gain weight, as this could cause your gown not to fit properly. While a couple pounds should suffice, you will want to avoid making any drastic weight changes.

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be difficult! In fact, if you avoid making these mistakes, your process will be much easier.

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