Wedding Experience Highlights from Past Brides

The date and venue are now back so it’s time to get started with planning! Who better than our past brides to give you a little insight on what you should expect? Lucky for you, I had the pleasure of meeting with a few of my brides who were delighted to share some of their favorite before and after moments of the wedding experience. Read on to discover what their wedding highlights and advice are!

What is your favorite memory from your wedding?

When asked this question, my couples struggled with picking their most FAVORITE of all favorite moments. I mean they were all favorites!

The First Look

One of my brides described the moment she was about to enter the ceremony on her horse and carriage. In an instant, butterflies fluttered inside her and it was a feeling she had never felt before. And just as the butterflies started to fade, more rushed back in the second she saw her soon-to-be-wife waiting for her at the end of the aisle. It was pure bliss.

Practicing the First Dance

One bride talked about the endless hours she and her fiancé spent perfecting their first dance. But more so how fun it was choreographing a dance, and the bond that bound them together.

Exchanging Vows

Or the moment my couple shared as they stared into each other’s eyes, exchanging lifelong vows that would be the start of forever.
Needless to say, my couples couldn’t choose just one moment as they were all favorites.

If you could change one thing about your wedding, what would it be?

It’s no science that planning a wedding takes time, work and more work. You spend months, even years preparing for this one day. And as simple as it may sound, those that have planned a wedding know it’s not. Although you spend all this time planning and preparing, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wishing you could have done something differently. Each couple that I interviewed agreed their wedding day was everything they had imagined and more; but they still had minor suggestions that could help you.

Extending the Reception

For one, they all agreed there isn’t enough time in one day so adding hours to your reception is a must. Whether you can add one or two, we promise it will make a huge difference. Time flies when you are having fun!

Making Time During Cocktail Hour

Another suggestion is making time during cocktail hour to stop in for a quick hello and thank your guests for coming. Make it quick so you can finish taking your sunset photos!

What was the best part of planning your big day?

For some couples planning is part of the fun but for others it may feel like a chore. And that’s okay! That’s why you have us to help! No matter what type of “planner” you are, you and your partner will share bonding experiences between it all.

Family Bonding

Our brides shared similar responses that wedding planning brought them closer to their families. They received incredible love and support which made the perfect recipe for getting through stressful moments. It helped planning be positive and seamless.

How did you both feel after the wedding?

As a Wedding Coordinator, my most favorite moment is seeing my couples leave at the end of the night with smiling faces of true love. This is when I know I have done my job right.

Although my couple felt relieved once the wedding was over, I mean no more late nights drinking a bottle of wine while tying 150 mini bows. They were relieved because they could be excited about the next chapter of going through as a married couple. They were no longer two but now one. This is what our couples had to say after their weddings:

  • “We are over the moon happy”
  • “This day was absolutely perfect”
  • “It was a complete dream come true”

Enjoy the Experience and Get to Planning

You heard it here. Our brides loved every bit of the wedding planning and wedding day experience. So be sure to cherish every moment leading up to your big day. If you need help with wedding planning or finding a San Diego wedding venue, we’re here to help. At Grand Tradition, we want to ensure that your experience is memorable from day one of planning to the big day. For more wedding tips, check out our blogs on wedding entertainment ideas and wedding favor ideas.

As you’re planning a spring wedding, be sure to consider these tips. These fresh spring wedding ideas are sure to bring vibrance to your wedding day. Do keep in mind that many springtime weddings call for an outdoor ceremony, so if you’d like to celebrate your love with the season, our beautiful wedding venue in San Diego is a great place to do so. For more wedding ideas, check out our blog!