Wedding Activities to Entertain Guests

There’s no question when you’re wedding planning for your special day, that the guest list is going to be filled with a wide range of family, friends, and coworkers. On top of that, the list includes your partner’s side too! It’s a long list of a blended crowd. It’s common to worry about your wedding guests splitting up into groups and only sticking with those who they know. Well, here’s an idea that the bride and groom can use to help “break the ice” and get your guests out of their comfort zones. Set up fun lawn games and various activities around your venue. Not only will these fun wedding entertainment ideas bring your guests together, but they’ll be sure to make your wedding unforgettable.

Game Ideas for your weddingHow to Get the Party Started

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour is always the perfect time for your guests to mix and mingle at the event. To add a twist to the cocktail menu, you can add a few signature drinks that are personalized to your relationship. If you’re looking to take cocktail hour one step further, you can add a few games to keep guests entertained. One popular option is to have corn hole. This outdoor game is perfect if you benefit from SoCal weather and happen to be hosting the event at a wedding venue in San Diego or Los Angeles. You can purchase a set of corn hole that matches the wedding color scheme. Or you can brand your corn hole game by adding a few custom made stickers to it. On top of being a fun wedding party game, corn hole is the perfect souvenir to keep after the wedding reception and can be used for all your future BBQs and family get-to-togethers.

Some more popular games for your reception that many people opt for are Giant Connect 4 or Giant Jenga. Everyone loves these timeless games, and they’ll be even more excited when they see the giant version!

Table Icebreakers

For those that are on a budget, this is one of the best cheap wedding entertainment ideas. To give wedding guests something to do at their table while eating or enjoying drinks, you can think of some icebreakers to get everyone involved. One classic activity that’s great at keeping people entertained is to come up with trivia questions. Print questions to place at each setting or keep it simple and do one question per table. Depending on which option you select, have everyone at the table compare answers, or have your DJ announce the answers. To add an incentive, you can give a prize to the person or table with the most correct answers! It can either be something small like a gift card or piece of candy, or you can make it a centerpiece giveaway! The choices are endless.

Kids Station

If kids are welcome on your wedding day, we highly recommend creating a “Kids Station”. Make a kid-friendly area with coloring books, puzzles, mini toys, or glow sticks. Kids are simple so don’t go overboard with something like a bouncy castle or petting zoo. Parents will surely appreciate this! Anything to keep the little ones occupied during the party.

Scavenger Hunt

Lastly – to get everyone up and moving on your special day, host a picture scavenger hunt around the venue. Provide a list of items, people, or events in your event timeline for people to capture. Be sure to have a hashtag for your wedding so guests can post pictures and tag your hashtag. There is nothing better than seeing all your guests that had a blast at your wedding ceremony.

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Just remember, no matter what fun activities you plan, your wedding day will create lifelong memories that your guests (and you) will always reminisce. Despite the efforts, one thing is for sure, your guests will have an amazing time at the ceremony regardless. After all, they are only there to celebrate the bride and groom.


Wedding Coordinator Lisa Vorenkamp