Top Unique Unity Traditions for Your Wedding Ceremony

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Your wedding ceremony will be such a personalized experience for you and your partner! After all, becoming one through marriage is an incredible act of trust and loyalty. When you have found someone that you love and trust this much, you should have a unity ceremony that showcases and expresses your devotion to one another.

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Are you aware of the unique unity traditions that you can showcase on your own wedding day?

A unity ceremony is a beautiful way in which you and your partner can honor your joining in a way that is unique to you and your relationship! That’s why, here at Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens, as a Southern California wedding venue, we have gathered some unique unity traditions that you can take part in on your own wedding day. If you would like to discover what they are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Tree Planting. With all of the concrete, steel, and other industrial settings in the world, we need more trees! For your unity ceremony, you and your partner can plant a tree to together, so that you love can continue to grow, even after the big day.
  • Wine is a huge part of our culture, and is certainly enjoyed by many. If you and your partner have a love of wine, you can incorporate it into your wedding with a wine bottle ceremony. You and your partner can each choose your favorite bottle of wine, and pour them into a single vessel together, which can then be sealed and displayed within your home or stowed away safely in a box.
  • Love Letters. You and your partner have so much love for one another! So, express your devotion by writing love letters to one another. Then, during your wedding ceremony, you can then seal your letters away in a box together with a hammer and nails or a lock. Choose a date in the future, whether it be your ten-year or fifty-year wedding anniversary, where you can then open the box together and read your letters.

Uniting as one will be an incredibly intimate experience for you and your partner! These are just a few unique unity traditions that you can showcase on your own wedding day.

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If you are seeking a wedding venue in San Diego, California to host your own unique unity traditions within, please contact us here at Grand Tradition Estate & Gardens. Hosting heartfelt celebrations is a true honor, and we would be pleased to be the setting for yours as well.


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