Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Most traditional weddings start with a ceremony, then comes a cocktail hour, and ending in a reception. With that, weddings can all relate and look the same. But that’s when your specialty items come into play and make your big day unique! Many brides refer to the old rhyme of good luck, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”. This helps think of things that are particularly special to them.

“Something Old” is something to signify continuity. This can be any detail that is passed down to a bride or groom. Such as old photos of loved ones who could not attend the wedding. These often are put in a locket and tied to the bride’s bouquet or attached to the groom’s jacket for safe keeping. Some couples will wear parts of the attire their parents did on their wedding day. A bride could reinvent her mother’s wedding dress, or a groom could wear his father’s cufflinks. Couples might even want to have a little bit of fun with their grand get-a-way and use a vintage car to signify an “old” detail!

“Something New” is something to signify optimism for the future. There are many things that are new on the big day! The bride’s dress, the groom’s shoes, the personalized cake topper, etc. Some couples want to take the “new” factor one step further and find a way to make it unique! Getting a new tattoo to share with your soon to be spouse can be both exciting and romantic. Gifting each other something they can wear on the wedding day is a great way to incorporate “something new” for each other. A handkerchief, cufflinks, necklace, or even a note on the bottom of their shoe can be something that only the two of them know about while they say, “I do!”.

“Something Borrowed” is something to signify happiness. When something is brought to a couple to be borrowed at their wedding, it normally has meaning behind it. This can be an item that was used at a previous wedding from someone who is important to the couple or from someone who’s marriage was very successful. They could bring their cake topper, cake knife and server set, or even a veil for the bride to wear! Some will even share in family traditions such as, placing a sixpence in the left shoes of the couple to wish them luck on their big day!

“Something Blue” is something to signify purity, love, fidelity. Most brides wear white, and most grooms wear black/white. Throwing in a pop of blue is not only a fun detail to add but one that implies commitment and loyalty from each person to the other. Brides will often add a little bit of blue to their bouquet or their accessories such as shoes or jewelry! While a groom might add it to his cufflinks, handkerchief, or have something embroidered inside his jacket. Sometimes this detail is not known to all who attend the wedding, but if the bride and groom know it has been placed for the other all its meaning is present.

Sometimes it’s all in the little things! Tie in a few personal items and heartfelt details to signify your union. And remember have fun with, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”!