Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

So, your wedding is right around the corner and you are trying to plan the perfect rehearsal dinner for those VIP members of your guest list.  Before nailing down the final details of your rehearsal dinner ideas, there are just a few things to consider: what’s your budget?  Who’s invited?  Is there a theme?  What happens at the rehearsal dinner?

In this post we will share tips and ideas for helping you get going on your planning. We will also provide you with some resources to help!

First, budgeting – yay!

Once you decide on your budget, stick to it!  Figuring out how many people will be in attendance will help with meeting your pricing goals.

Next, who’s made the rehearsal dinner pre-invite list!

Typically, couples invite Bridal party (and their plus ones) and immediate family on both sides.  However, inviting any long lost out of town guests to catch up on memories can be a great call to alleviate wedding day meet and greets.

Then, the where:

Sliders at Grand Tradition by Emry Photography; a great option in the long list of rehearsal dinner ideas!

When deciding where to have your rehearsal dinner, there are quite a few options.  A Family member’s house, maybe an Airbnb?  A restaurant with family style eating?  A winery… with tray passed apps, yummy cheeses, and great wine?  Deciding on the theme or mood you want to set will help you decide on the perfect place to host everyone!  Check with your Wedding Coordinator for her top rehearsal dinner friendly restaurants or even Airbnb’s in the area!

Some Airbnb’s will allow small gatherings and opportunities to enjoy the pool.  Like our Airbnb Casa Cazador for instance.  You can also decide to cook or grill for your guests who can enjoy the pool and your company at the same time.  You can also rent a food truck – I mean, who doesn’t love a good taco truck?!

Restaurants offer a great variety of settings, styles, and great food options.  You can always refer to for the best of the best.  Food is a big deal so make it a date night and try out some restaurants before you make your final pick.

Rehearsal dinner ideas & extra tips

At the rehearsal dinner don’t forget to thank everyone for not only being a part of your day, but being a part of your love story.  You can present guests with gifts or spend extra quality time with them.  As a special touch, you can allow people who won’t be giving speeches at the wedding to share their thoughts and well-wishes to everyone, with the both of you.

No matter what you decide to do or where you go, remember that your friends and family are going to love it because they get to celebrate with the both of you!


Charnel Kennedy

Wedding Coordinator

Photo Courtesy of Emry Photography