How To Pick The perfect Wedding Date And Venue

Recently engaged and ready to plan your big day? How to pick the perfect wedding venue?  To get started, you will need to find a wedding venue and lock in a date! The best piece of advice on how to pick the perfect wedding date that we can offer is to keep all of your options open. Between sending wedding invitations and searching for photographers, you can become overwhelmed. I find, however, that picking a wedding date and a venue is the most challenging part of wedding planning. As you start venue shopping, it’ll start to become clear which potential dates will work and which won’t. There are some key pieces of advice that can help you to pick the perfect wedding date.

Pick A Date and Book A Venue

After venue shopping, it’s time to narrow your options and come to a decision. Making the commitment is scary, but once you do it, the rest of planning gets much easier, less stressful, and not to mention much more enjoyable. Discuss with your partner which wedding venue you each fell in love with. Once you decide on the venue, go back to the list of available dates to align them with your original selection. Out of the list of dates, which do you think will work the best for you? 

Discuss Dates

Pull out a calendar and discuss some potential dates with your partner. I recommend writing a list. Talk about which seasons you both like, which months you prefer and even which days of the week would work best. The two of you can write down some of your favorite ideas and then use a process of elimination to narrow it down.

Consider Discounted Days

A tip to remember before beginning: venues tend to offer discounts during off-season months such as January through March, and some may even discount certain days of the week. Keep that in mind when you’re coming up with dates. A good deal could make you fall in love with a date you didn’t even consider, and it’s perfect if you’re trying to figure out how to plan a wedding on a budget.

Consider Personal Affairs

Now that you have some general dates in mind, it’s time to evaluate what events you have going on around that time. Consider any birthdays, family functions, work trips, graduations, holidays, etc., and ask yourself if any of those events may conflict with your preferred dates.

Go Venue Shopping

After doing your research, it’s time to pick your top venues to visit. Upon arrival, be prepared to be asked which wedding dates you are planning for. This helps the sales coordinator prepare for your tour. This planning will give you the most effective and comprehensive experience. Go venue shopping, get estimates, and revisit your list of dates. Be sure to ask venues about any current specials they’re running and off-season pricing. Get multiple estimates if needed!

Your date will become the “perfect” wedding day. No matter how, or why, you chose this date, it will become a crucial and memorable part of the rest of your life. While deciding on a date can be daunting, following simple steps on how to pick a wedding date can make this process much easier


“In that book which is my memory, 
on the first page 
of the chapter that is the day 
when I first day when I met you, 
appear the words, 
‘Here begins a new life.'” 
-Dante Alighieri

Written by

Elle Jackson
Sales & Marketing Coordinator