Grand Exit Ideas for your Wedding Day

You just spent an entire day with those you love and now it’s time for the big send off!  Before we begin planning grand exit ideas for your wedding day, it’s no question that we all LOVE the idea of sparklers.  How could you not!?  If you’ve watched and/or heard the news, fires in California have been a tragic disaster.  Thus, California fire laws have tightened up on the ‘open flames’ policy, and so have wedding venues.  Lucky for you, we’re here to tell you some alternative ideas that are just as great!


Who doesn’t like to pop bubbles!? Bubbles are a fun and highly inexpensive grand exit idea for your wedding day.  There are endless lists of bubble ideas; you can choose from bubble wands, a bubble machine, the classic bubble bottles or even bubble guns.  Bubble guns produce so many bubbles that you don’t have to buy 100+ of them.  Just pass out a few bubble gun machines and its bubble galore.

Fiber Optic Wands

Fiber optic wands are a fantastic idea and capture so well in photos!  They have a similar effect to sparklers.  Ask your photographer if they can use a slightly slower shutter speed while you stop near the end to create a more fun effect.

Finger Lights

Finger lights are little clip-on LED lights that your guests can easily clip to their fingers.  When your guests put their hands in the air, it’s like walking through a tunnel of lights.


Want to ‘light up the night’?  Pass out some glow-sticks during dancing for some added fun then use them for your grand exit.  Can’t go wrong with glow-sticks.

LED Foam Sticks

LED Foam Sticks come in many different colors!  You can purchase ones with rotating lights or ones that match your color scheme.  Some companies can customize the sticks with your name or wedding hashtag.  What a great souvenir for your guests!

Luminous Balloons

Create a pathway with lit up balloons as a grand exit idea for your wedding day.  You can get regular balloons, place LED lights inside of them, and put them on a stick for added security.  Your guests won’t have to worry about the balloons floating away!  Not only is this a fun exit, but it’s cost efficient.


The best way to spread newlywed cheer, is singing loud for all to hear!  Can’t cheer without Pom-poms.  Get your crowd excited while sending you off as newlyweds.

Ribbon Wands

One perk to having ribbon wands is that you can buy colored ribbons to match your wedding!  You can even buy wands that have multi-colored ribbons which help go with your color scheme.

Grand Exit Wedding Day Ideas - Light Wands

No matter what type of grand exit idea you decide to go with, flashy or simple, this is your final send off from the ones you love.  This is the ending to a perfect night.  Have some fun with it!


Lisa Vorenkamp

Wedding Coordinator

Photos Courtesy of  True Photography & Staci Stack Photography