Finding Your Perfect Wedding Favors

Is your wedding day coming up and you’re scrambling to look for last-minute gift ideas for your guests? The best way to thank them for attending your special day is by giving them personalized party favors to show your love and appreciation. So, let’s talk about choosing some fabulous wedding favors that won’t get left behind with the empty wine bottles. There is nothing wrong with the mesh wrapped Jordan almonds and matchbooks of the past, but the future can be brighter for your favor selections. Read on for our favorite wedding favor ideas.

Something Local

Many of your wedding guests will most likely be traveling from out of town. Why not give them a perfect little souvenir to remember the place that unified your love. In the towns that surround our wedding venue in San Diego, you can find wineries, beaches and lots of southern California charm. Reflecting these qualities in a favor will ensure that your tiny treasures make it back home with your family and friends. Some ideas are:

  • Local bottle of wine
  • Coasters
  • Beach themed souvenirs

Something Multipurpose

Your personalized wedding favors will most likely be placed on your guest’s tables and can serve as a decor item that adds color, texture and adornment to the overall look of your wedding reception space. Choosing wedding colors that resonate with your existing wedding color scheme and that can also be used as eye candy will surely be appreciated. This may include:

  • Candles
  • Potted plants (succulents are great!)
  • Glassware like shot glasses, stemless wine glasses, or mason jars

Something For Later

There are bound to be a few wedding guests that leave after a night of dancing feeling a little in need of rest and repair from the party. Some favor bags to offer are:

  • Hangover kit
  • Late night snack box
  • Lip balm

These useful and extremely thoughtful party favors will be a huge hit and act as a little love note to let your guests know that you care about them on your big day.

Something Handmade

If you find yourself in the mood to be a DIY diva, then let that hands-on approach be reflected in your custom wedding favors. Some wonderful ways to put your inner crafty craftsman to work are:

  • Infused cooking oils 
  • Glass refrigerator magnets
  • Vintage fabric sachets 
  • Homemade hot cocoa mix kits 
  • Personalized wine bottle
  • Sweet treats like cookies or cake bites

Although time-intensive, if you enlist your wedding party to help, these festive options can be as fun to make as to receive. Guests will surely appreciate party favors that were made by the bride and groom themselves!

A Favor to Match Your Story

Depending on your personal style, wedding favors can be many things. They can make a statement, show a side that only your closest friends know or offer a glimpse of your future as a couple. Just know that whatever favor represents your particular flavor; they are a wonderful way to thank your guests for their part in your love story.


Wedding Coordinator Sarah Fox