7 Important Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day

Things I wish I remembered for my wedding that you should not forget!
There are just some things that an ordinary wedding day checklist doesn’t tell you. On my wedding day, I had read every wedding day survival kit checklist out there, but still wasn’t prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that was my matrimonial milestone.

I’ve compiled a list of the most important things to remember on wedding day from my personal experience. Let’s jump right into the dirty details because time is of the essence and we need to get your right for your big day!

1. Do not plan to run any errands:

The day before and the day of your wedding time seems to go by even faster because a wedding is involved! Try and have all your errands delegated to others or done the week before your special day. You have enough going on with your wedding day timeline of events! You shouldn’t have to worry about the little things or any wedding planning the week of your wedding day. Your friends, wedding planner or loved ones can help tackle those extra errands. Relax, focus on you, and be well-rested for the big day!

2. Pad your shoes, pad your shoes, PAD YOUR SHOES!!!

Even if they are the most comfortable wedding shoes in the world — insert comfy insoles! Your feet will thank you. Also, break in your shoes the month leading up to your wedding. I suggest wearing them around the house, so they stay pristine. You should still plan to bring a pair of shoes for dancing, it is a must!

3. Pack a snack:

The wedding morning might be hectic, but you need to remember to eat something! No one likes a hangry bride, so be sure to ask your bridesmaids to whip up a wedding breakfast (even if it’s just coffee and a granola bar). The idea of sitting and eating a full meal when you have been running on adrenaline and nerves may make your stomach turn and that’s… well, normal. However, eating is important so pack some healthy snacks and assign it to a bridesmaid so you can munch in between photos.

4. Do not hire your friends as vendors:

While it’s great to have connections or friends as vendors, it’s never a good idea to ask a friend to take on this responsibility. Whether you pay them or not let them come as a guest or not come at all. To mix business and weddings is no Bueno. What happens if you hire a friend to be your wedding photographer and the photos from your special day are not what you had in mind? That might be a difficult conversation to have with a friend that did you a favor. Hire a professional vendor who’s only role is to be a vendor or trust that your wedding coordinator helped choose the right vendor’s for you.

5. Make sure to assign a bridesmaid to be your fixer:

I noticed in some of my photos that my wedding dress was a little bunched in the mid-section or wasn’t straight on my body. That’s when your wedding party can really be clutch! Assign someone to be on the lookout for your dress and tuxedo needs.

6. Divide & Conquer but most importantly be you!

At the wedding reception, it’s your time to celebrate your special day with each and every one of your guests. I love to dance, and my husband loves to mingle so we divided and conquered our wedding, and it was great. I wish someone had told us that it would be totally fine to greet your guests at their tables or on the dance floor. Do what feels right to you!

7. Pause and Take in the day!

The most important thing to remember on wedding day is to take it all in. Everything goes by quickly on the day of your wedding it will feel like an outer body experience the whole day. There is so much going on and emotions can run high. Pause breath and be sure to sit and look around your room to soak up all the love and good vibes!

While this list isn’t the ultimate wedding day checklist, it’s full of valuable advice that I would have loved to know before my wedding day. No matter what, be sure to have fun and appreciate every second of you special day.