The Grand Tradition Estate concept was originated and conceived through the foresight and dreams of its creators, Earl and Beverly McDougal.  Together, they envisioned a community gathering place worthy of becoming a historic centerpiece; one that would specialize in private events and in particular, weddings and receptions.  After considerable research, they concluded that the facility should depict the very tradition and significance of the wedding ceremony itself.  With a dream of capturing the romance of the long-gone Victorian era, the family began planning and designing the gracious Victorian estate that would eventually be known as the Grand Tradition Estate.

Construction of the estate and Beverly Mansion venue began in 1983, and was completed in the Spring of 1984.  On May 5th, 1984 the doors opened to celebrate the Grand Tradition Estate’s very first wedding & reception.  Construction on the estates exotic Arbor Terrace venue was started in the Summer of 2005 and the first Arbor Terrace wedding took place on March 31st, 2006. The Grand Tradition Estate currently hosts about 250 to 300 individual events each year, 150 to 200 of these being weddings & receptions.  The Grand Tradition Estate is widely recognized throughout Southern California as the premier venue for weddings and has attracted many domestic and international destination wedding clients.  Since 1984 the Grand Tradition Estate has hosted over 7,000 events and welcomed over 1,000,000 guests from around the world!

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