Temperature| Pleasant Summers & Mild Winters

Fallbrook’s mild year-round coastal Mediterranean micro-climate is one of its greatest assets.

Fallbrook boasts an average year-round temperature of 61°F. The average daytime high in Fallbrook is 75°F, with the warmest summer temperatures seldom exceeding 90°F. Most of the area is frost-free; during the coldest periods the average nighttime temperature is about 42°F.

Most of the time (approximately 85%) Fallbrook is under the influence of Pacific Ocean weather; only 15% of the time is the determining influence from the interior.

There is a slow rise toward the peak average summer temperature of 84°F in August, but a sharper fall toward the cooler Fall and Winter temperatures.

Due to the prevailing ocean breezes, humidity is relatively low and constant. Cool afternoon coastal breezes help to keep summer temperatures pleasant.

Fallbrook is sunnier and slightly warmer than San Diego year round. Temecula lacks cool coastal breezes and is typically about 10-15°F hotter than Fallbrook during most of the year.

Precipitation – Not Very Likely…

Fallbrook only receives about 13.7 inches of rain each year. Fallbrook’s rainfall is very seasonal with about 8.6 inches occurring between January and March. These winter rains help to keep Fallbrook lush and green for the rest of the year.

May through October are the most favorable times of the year for outdoor events. These prime months tend to have mild temperatures, an abundance of sunshine, almost zero chance of rain.

April, November & December are also beautiful with milder temperatures, plenty of sunshine and only a slightly greater chance of a rainy day.

Sunshine – 264 Days of Sunshine Each Year!

Fallbrook is remarkably sunny throughout the year.

Median percentages of possible sunshine range from 75-95% for all months except January and February.

Due to it’s slightly inland location Fallbrook is typically free of the “May Gray” and “June Gloom” often experienced closer to the coast. Only 5% of all days in Fallbrook are cloudy all day. On any given day Fallbrook is 21-53% more likely to be sunny than San Diego and other coastal cities.

San Diego averages 146 sunny days each year.
Fallbrook averages 264 sunny days each year!

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Fallbrook Weather Averages

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