The Grand Tradition Estate is Southern California’s premier private wedding, reception, and special event destination.  The Estates thirty acres lie tucked away in a peaceful valley surrounded by gently rolling hills and sparkling waters.  It is a serene setting where sweet floral laced breezes gently blow; where the soothing sound of waterfalls will relax your mind; and where a majestic forest of trees offers complete privacy from the rest of the world.  The Grand Tradition Estate offers the timeless charm of a bygone era when romance, joy, and beauty were what really mattered.  Here you will find friendly, smiling faces and a 25 year history of exceptional customer service that can only be achieved through unwavering attention to even the most minute details.  At the Grand Tradition Estate elegance and taste are what truly matter; our Executive Chef and his team of culinary artists take pride in serving only the finest flavors and freshest delicacies to you and your guests.  The Grand Tradition Estate is a magical setting where love and excitement fill the air and where all of life’s little worries can simply wait until another day.

Grand Tradition Estate Aerial Photo

The Grand Tradition Estate offers a choice of unique private venues ranging from the formal elegance of the Beverly Mansion to the relaxing exotic atmosphere of the Arbor Terrace pavilion & gardens.

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